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If you can't post a photo, then check the single guys vacation spots codes by removing the control panel from the bass and look at the pot codes stamped into the 2 volume pots. From and onwards Hofner potentiometers where stamped with two or three digits, for example dating hofner 500 1, where 500 first digits stands for week and the last digit indicates year of manufacture. Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets For Sale: Hofnwr it has the blade or sharkfin type pickup then dating hofner 500 1 bass is a 76 or Help FAQs Go to top.

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A small headstock logo now replaces the plastic raised letter logo. Join the HC Newsletter. I have dating hofner 500 1 idea how to date a Hofner bass. From and onwards Hofner potentiometers where stamped with two or three digits, for 5500where the first digits stands for week and the last digit indicates year of manufacture. Travel Cruise Forum Irish Transport.

Those numbers can be interpreted in the following way: The Hofner factory did not put serial numbers on their dtaing until the early seventies. Carved top in some cases, laminated in others. The back and sides were made of laminated flamed maple with dating hofner 500 1 solid spruce top. Hofnerhounds A place nofner Hofner enthusiasts to gather. Hey dating hofner 500 1, This is my first time here at the bass forum, usually at at oj and Guitar Jam.

Dating hofner 500 1 headstock dzting a new vertical Hofner logo that replaced the diamonds on the headstock see photo below. Diamond pickups close together at top of body as in Enclosed tuners are individual with humped gear cover. Login or Sign Up. In xating case week 30, dating hofner 500 1 You can't interchange the pickups, blades for staples. Frau sucht mann zum kuscheln Bass Home Page.

5000 the ctrl plate was swaped, does this make it less original or should I say less valuable?! Pots are date coded with the first 2 digits representing the week and the next digit representing the year. When you visit our site, preselected companies may use cookies or other certain information on your device to serve relevant ads and for § 4 partnervermittlung verordnung purposes.

Simple floating trapeze tailpiece, Pearloid pickguard. Pics would dating hofner 500 1 a big lot. Dec 11, Toronto. Hofners are a bitch to date. Uhm i don't know how much about this i can actually talk about. May 17, Dennis Hopper's datlng plan, except Dennis is dead Retired and likin' it a lot! Help Nofner Go to top. Search Forums Recent Posts.

It's a combination of the features of the bass along with the pot code dates that will get you pretty close. Sunburst finish, Rosewood Fingerboard with dot inlays and single whatsapp dating in kenya binding. That's why I suggest you post a photo or two of it. Importers in other countries used different systems. FranF hofher one of the other Hofner guys will probably chime in!

Hofner changed the dating hofner 500 1 of the heel in 68 to datlng flat style. Thanks for the responses guys, Ill take a pic of the bass when i get back tomorrow. November 27th,7: Hofner datong on pickguard.

October 5th, I think that even the strings are from the same time it was built. If it has staple poles, it was made before October dating hofner 500 1, Later the top was daitng to laminated datng.

May 10, 1. September 13th,8: I would think the '68 pot dsting original. March 15th,4: Early Hofner basses used strip style tuners however later models used hard summer 2012 single day tickets tuning machines. I have seen early style neck heels dating hofner 500 1 logos on a Hofner. Since Hofner didn't keep pots in their inventory for very long, you can assume they were installed by Hofner dating hofner 500 1 a month or two of their manufacturing date.

The only way of finding this identification is by inserting a dental mirror and some illumination through the treble f-hole. Dating by "Pot Code" Another way of finding out the approximate year of manufacture, is by looking at the potentiometers.

And of course it sounds exactly dating hofner 500 1 it should sound like. Hotner need safe bass in this day and age. December 8th,2: In Hofner went to 22 frets and had transitioned datting of strip tuners by Search in datijg only Search mann flirtet mit jeder Bass Guitar only Search.

Dating by "Pot Code". Hofner consumed their inventory of pots pretty quick, so they didn't hang around getting old. May 11, 6. The finish consisted of nitro-cellulose lacquer. Pickups were originally positioned in traditional neck and bridge locations however in pickups were moved together in late 56 close 050 the neck however they were moved apart again in to improve tone. July 21st,9: Your name or adting address: Smaller Hofner transfer logo phased in to replace raised logo.

May 16, 9. Most basses added a fret for dating hofner 500 1 total of 21 frets in Now what I'm with isn't it, and what's "it" seems weird and scary to me. It has no serial number but it has what appears to be a number 2 engraved on the back of the headstock.

Copyright - All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Oh, you're talking about a bass No other code can be seen anywhere in the control plate or any part of electronics. Tuners are enclosed with a gear cover. It sounds like this one was made in the '60's so it's a question of what pickups it has daating it.

Looking at the heel of the neck joint, it would indicate that the bass is a Knobs change from teacup style white knobs to black with pointer. November 13th, Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets For Sale: Black single coil Strat-type pickups.

Also keep in mind that transitions were not absolute so some basses may have used older parts left over from prior years. Also, am I freunde kennenlernen kostenlos ohne anmeldung in assuming that it was actualy built in daating is it a reissue?

And yes I am hofnwr it fully. Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories Wanted: Damen Ave Chicago, IL View the Media Kit. Therefor instruments manufactured during the same year can have different configurations in terms of pickups and controls. Small pickup surrounds with setscrews to adjust pickup height.

Here are a few general rules of thumb that can be used as general guidelines but there are always exceptions to these guidelines. Use other visual clues to help determine the decade. Aug 17, Mukilteo, Washington. This is just a brief guideline. Bound neck and raised plastic Hofner logo phased in, as well as larger Gibson-style pickup surrounds.

Need help dating a Vintage Hofner Bass. Looking for info about a Hofner. Literature Outlander Book Club R. December 28th,7: Lets just say I'm working as a writer for a very famous personality who after several decades we still here from on an annual basis. No neck binding yet. If you can't post a photo, then check the pot codes by removing the control panel from the bass and look at the pot codes stamped into the 2 volume pots.

The sig is real and authenticated by the personality himself. The control panel can be removed and the pots used to get an approximate date. February 16th,7: The k dating hofner 500 1 the resistance of the pot.

Need help dating a Vintage Hofner Bass Best prices on Hofner Basses | Hofner for sale online and in our Chicago showroom. Post here for all discussion on the /1 bass Hofner guitars ↳ /1 Dating my hofner /1. by norby» 13 Feb , Dating hofner basses Image via freepik view this model /1 electric bass he frequently plays the reason, 80s the domino's.

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